About Us

Cove Castle is owned and operated by a close group of friends with over 42 years of experience in the hospitality industry in New York City, New Jersey and Connecticut. Bob Pereira’s vision to renovate this historic location formerly known as Castle Tavern (circa 1937) has turned into a passion in creating the ultimate waterfront dining experience on Greenwood Lake! Soak in spectacular views of this magnificent Lake and enjoy our creative American, Mediterranean inspired menu and some specialty crafted cocktails while we treat you to our warm Lake Life hospitality.  Whenever possible we choose local and sustainable ingredients.

What is “Lake Life”?

Whether you are sitting at the outdoor bar or on the dining deck surrounded by water and the majestic mountain views, the Lake speaks to you. It also speaks of our love for the mountains and Greenwood lakes incredible environment. Once you witness first hand some of our regular customers pulling up by boat to Dock and Dine, you get hooked.  We live and work in one of nature’s most spectacular playgrounds. Let us share our Lake Life dream with you!

What are our Hospitality roots?

Bob Pereira has owned and operated small and large scale restaurant’s, night clubs and private event venues in Manhattan, Brooklyn NY, Atlantic City and as far as Brasil.

Bob and Alli Pereira, together with their good friend and business partner Sandra Frank have spear headed the creation of a team of very talented partners who individually have unique experience in many facets of the hospitality industry.
With all that Cove Castle has to offer such as dining, drinks, live entertainment, lake boat tours, water taxi, marina and private events it takes a strong talented dedicated team to create the ultimate environment. Today these long term close friends and now partners have created the environment they have always dreamed  of at Cove Castle an indoor and outdoor Oasis.